Consider Careers as Artists and Designers to Earn Money

Art is a passion that many find difficult to maintain. They may feel emotions intensely and struggle to be themselves. Additionally, it can be hard for artists to maintain themselves financially with their crafts. This article gives you concrete career opportunities in art and designing to help you earn some money as an Artist it’s like starting an art course. Take a painting class at The Tingology if you want to learn more.

There are many stereotypes that surround artists.

The answer is “You can do anything you want with a degree in art.”

The art world is not a business. Want to be a starving Artist?

The art degree is a waste time and resources.

What a frustrating thing to say, considering the fact that these statements were so wrong. It is possible to succeed as an art if your talent and commitment are high. To make money from your artistic talent, you have a wide range of career options in the arts and design.

Discover how to become a successful artist by checking out this list!

1. Commercial Artist

The art created by these artists may be used in conjunction with logos, advertisements, or marketing strategies. They can even create office and hotel art. Also, these artists are closely associated with companies such as magazine publishers, packaging/shipping businesses, or specific brands.

A commercial artist can choose to work freelance, accepting art commissions, for a variety of projects. They may also be employed by a particular company or brand, and exclusively work for them. ).

As a commercial artist you must adapt your work style to fit the specific needs and wishes of each client. Your communication skills will come in handy as you work with graphic designers and editors.

A good understanding of money and accounting is also beneficial because your client may have budget constraints. Freelancers need to work hard and be focused to organize their own emails, calendars, invoices, etc.

PayScale states that commercial artist’s earn on average $62,000 annually. There are many kinds of artists who can work in this field, including illustrators.

2. Designer

Graphic designers work as both freelancers and in agencies. Graphic designers work with visuals including diagrams.

They could also be logos, illustrations, or drawings. Many graphic designers collaborate closely with brand and company representatives to capture the image, tone, and goal of the brands. Digitally is the most common way to create this, though traditional methods are also available.

For the most part, graphic designers must have earned a bachelor’s degree, either in art or graphic design. PayScale indicates that graphic designers make an average salary of about $44,000.

3. Art Teacher or Professor

A career as an art professor, or art teacher could be for you if your passion is to share knowledge about art. The art teacher can work at any level, whether it is preschool or elementary education.

Teachers of grade school and high-school art may have to be educated or licensed in order to teach. They also need training or art knowledge. It is important that art teachers who work with younger students are able to relate to them and be communicative.

While teacher salaries can differ widely depending upon the school, and area in which you work, the current median is reported to be $55,000.

A doctorate or a graduate degree is often required to become an art teacher at a university. Increased education and more prestige as a professor pay off with an average annual salary of $72,600 for the average art professtional.

4. Museum Curator

For those who are interested in art and history of art, becoming a museum curatorial position could be ideal.

Art curators find, catalogue, collect, and create displays of art in galleries or museums. These professionals must possess an exceptional understanding of the arts and have great organization and time-management abilities.

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