Money and Fear: Overcoming the Fear

Guest Posting is a word that many people use to describe their fear of wealth. Are you uncomfortable with the thought that you might have a large amount of money? You feel anxiety about money? Then you may be buying into myths regarding money. Some myths are just plain untrue. Most of these statements are either wrong or misquoted by people that don’t know anything about make money online affiliate programs or have none.

Look at some common money myths…

Money is the source of all evil
It’s a famous quote. This famous quote is actually a misquote. This quote was taken from the New Testament. It should be “the love of money, the root of evil.” Love of money, which is an addiction, warns about the possible corruption that could result from such a love, obsession or preoccupation. In reality, money in and of itself has no good or bad qualities. It’s neutral. Money can be spent for good, or for evil. It is a matter of choice how money is spent.

Money is Power (and power corrupts)
Money alone has no power. Money itself has no real power. For example, if someone gave you 10 million dollars, after tax, in cash that you put in a secure deposit box and you never opened it, or told anyone about it, then you’d have the same amount of power as you currently do. Power is generated by the way money is spent (or misused) and the perception of benefit or danger from others. Money itself doesn’t generate power. You have to convert money into power. The decision to transform money into power lies with the individual. The person who decides to use the power of money for good, or for evil depends on their character.

You will be changed by money
It’s a good thing! If money is used well, it can be a powerful tool to help ease life’s many burdens. Money can make your miserable if you choose to be a person of weak character or live a life filled with fear and anxiety. Money isn’t the problem, you are. What’s most important is to recognize that while money can control you, you are in control of it. Want proof? How much control do you really have? You could even give your entire money to charity and then be done with it. Instantly. The whole thing can go to charity. You can even burn the whole thing. The whole thing is yours. Do whatever you like with it. Gone. All of it can be made to disappear, if that is what you wish. You can make a stupid decision, but the choice is ultimately yours. It’s your ultimate control over money. Money does not ruin, change or alter your life. It also doesn’t control or dictate your actions. It’s not going to ruin your life, change you or take control of it unless YOU let IT. Why would you ruin your own life when you could get rid it?

You can’t get happiness with money
You are right if you were unhappy to start with. But if your values are sound, and you control yourself, then money is not going to hurt you. Contrary popular belief, money does not equal happiness. It is true that money has the power to improve the well-being, security and independence of your own life, the life of your family and friends. Money cannot buy happiness, and happiness also can not buy money.

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